About Us


The Restaurant

Aida's Bistro is a family-run Lebanese restaurant located on busy "Restaurant Row" in the heart of Calgary. Six days of the week, you'll be able to find Aida, in her apron and with a kitchen utensil in hand, assuring that the preparation of her food is consistent, of the highest quality and made with care.

We opened our doors in 2000, and have been going strong ever since, and we owe a lot of that to you Calgary.

We look forward to serving you in the near future, and showing you what authentic, home-cooked Lebanese food is all about.


Our Kitchen

— From the Middle East to your table —

For 30 years, Aida has been preparing meals in the heart of Calgary that has been inspired from cuisines back home. Food has always been an important part of her culture, which is why everything that comes out of the kitchen must be of the highest quality. If it's not suitable for her family's kitchen table, it's not on the menu.